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Thank you for your interest, we will contact you shortly.
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Learning & Development


As an experienced Learning & Development professional, you’ll know how difficult it can be getting people engaged in learning. What’s more, there is putting that knowledge into action and making sure it has ‘stuck’.

ISV products have always had a crossover between Learning & Development, HR and recruitment. These are the core people-focussed business areas. Once you have recruited people into your team, you will need to train them about your business and their job role. Afterwards, you want to prove this training has worked. Then you can ensure continuous development.

Using ISV Online opens up our Content Builder to you. Why not use this as well as our existing library of exercises. Many of our clients in Learning & Development create their own tailored assessments. They do this to both confirm learning, perhaps after training or inductions, and to understand skill or knowledge levels before developing new learning programmes.

Results and Reports 

You have a central database of results including dynamic scoring. In this, you measure percentile ranks and performance against groups. As a result, you will understand what further learning and development is required.

For companies operating in a highly regulated sector for example financial services and insurance companies, using Content Builder function is ideal. It is a perfect way to prove that training has been carried out. Create an unlimited amount of assessments. Tie these in with existing content and the work your recruiters or HR teams are doing.

So where now? Head straight for our 'Create Your Own' page for more information on creating your own tests.

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