New Features Added to ISV Online

Date: 22 August 2018

We are constantly developing ISV Online, your skills testing platform, to ensure it is up to date and keeps evolving to meet your needs. Your feedback is also genuinely important to us. At ISV we operate a ‘you say, we did’ ethos. As a result, we are delighted to tell you about some new features available immediately within your system. Can’t wait, then login here

New Features

Exercise Profiles

This feature gives you the ability to select multiple tests or training (or both) to create a profile or batch of exercises. It’s a useful time saver since you can assign the profile to individuals, rather than having to search or allocate each test or training one by one. If you find yourself often recruiting for the same roles or assigning the same tests, creating exercise profiles is worth checking out. For example, create a Contact Centre profile, or Exec Assistant profile if you recruit for these roles frequently.

Auto URL or Web Links

You can now create a unique link so people can self-register and complete the exercises you have set them. You can use this alongside profiles to create a link (also known as a URL) for individuals to complete a packet of tests or training programs. Links can be embedded in websites, shared via email or on social media. Remember, you can choose from our library of ready to use skills tests or training, or you can create your own tailored content using Template Builder. You can use the links for recruitment tests, staff development or even to create engaging quizzes or questionnaires.

Notification Groups

You asked for notification groups and we listened. In particular, these are available now for individuals going through ISV Online who want to manage their personal data. By now, you should be aware of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which is in place now and will be enforced from 2018. As part of this, data subjects have the right to manage their personal data. If the individual makes an amendment you, as the data controller, can choose to receive a notification for relevant team members. It’s another step on your path to GDPR compliance.

All of these features are accessed in the 'settings' area when you have logged in to ISV Online. For more information contact your Account Manager or email us via

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