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Thank you for your interest, we will contact you shortly.
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Literacy Tests for Employers


Literacy, it is one of the basic skills we ask for in the workplace yet one that is often taken for granted. Consequently, that’s why it is so important to test people’s literacy levels. After all, you want to ensure you’re employing bright and switched-on people, don’t you? Get the measure of an individual’s aptitude for language with our range of literacy tests.

These assessments are ideal for understanding an individual's basic knowledge and grasp of the English language. They are perfect for getting a steer on ‘attention to detail’ and the ability to read and understand instructions. You can use them at the recruitment stage, for skill development or to spot any areas that need development.

You can chose from a range of online assessments available to measure literacy skills, language, spelling and grammar. Choose from:

  • Basic Literacy
  • Synonyms (multiple-choice to find words with the same meaning)
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Spelling (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels)
  • Legal, Medical and Geographical Spelling
  • On screen spelling


Do you want to find out whether an individual is excellent with numbers and basic mathematical skills, or are they not up to scratch? Try the online numeracy skills tests. There are a range of available assessments to choose from. Recommended test time limits vary from 5 minute snapshot skills tests, up to full 60 minute assessments. They are ideal for you to use for recruitment purposes in gauging basic knowledge, or for benchmarking team or for identifying areas of weakness or potential development.

You can select any of the following numerical exercises

  • Basic Numeracy 
  • Reading measurements  
  • Numeric (multiple-choice or fill in the blanks)
  • Numerical reasoning (quick test or full assessment)

For more advanced and in depth tests, why not try our Reasoning assessments. These cover verbal, numerical and logical reasoning.

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