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Thank you for your interest, we will contact you shortly.
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Create your own

One of the brilliant aspects of ISV Online is the Content Builder tool. This is an incredibly powerful tool that allows you to create your own, totally tailored content. Whether you want to create your own skills tests, or pre-employment assessments that mention a specific company, brand or job role, Content Builder is designed with you in mind.

Customise the content for yourself, your client or your audience. The possibilities are endless since you can use Content Builder for skills tests, to use after training or inductions to evidence that the individual has retained that knowledge, you can even use Content Builder for staff surveys.

It’s so easy to use that you will have professional looking content in no time without having any programming or IT development knowledge.

create_iconsContent Builder is perfect for:

Customised skills and knowledge tests
Mention your company, brand or measure a specific skill set

Targeted recruitment
When you want to boost the candidate experience and your brand values

Confirmation of learning
Testing what you teach after inductions or training

Pulling together different skill sets
All the checks in one test

Staff surveys and questionnaires
Get feedback and assessment results in one place.

Pick Your Question and Mix Styles

You’re not limited to one question style, there are plenty to choose from to create your own content, including:

  • True or false
  • Interactive drag and drop images
  • Free text format
  • Multiple choice
  • Scenario based
  • Consecutive ordering
  • Audio, video and image based questions

Complement Content Builder with our ready-made assessments in ISV Online and you’ve got an incredibly powerful testing platform. Where will it take you?


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