GDPR and Cyber Security

Information and data security is a prominent topic, particularly with the changes to the Data Protection Act and the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018.


ISV has developed an office-based Cyber Security test to verify understanding of the topic. The test mirrors the content of the Cyber Security training program which is also available on ISV Online. Individuals who complete the training should be well placed to answer the multiple-choice questions raised in the test. Recruiters can use it for their own team as well as for candidates.


Also available are 2 tests covering the GDPR, a quick assessment and more a comprehensive one, of 20 and 40 questions respectively. The GDPR questions are selected at random from a bank of 60 questions. Both tests measure the recipient’s knowledge of the GDPR.


Our unique results capabilities mean you will be able to see not only how well the individuals performed in their tests, but you can also drill into those results. You can analyse proficiency in the various disciplines comprising the GDPR or Cyber Security. Plus you will be able to compare scores and analyse how well the individual performs against other results across your company or the entire system.


The GDPR tests are considered suitable for those who have a good grounding in the GDPR, and they could be used as a stepping stone to assess areas of knowledge for the more advanced EU-GDPR-F examination.

GDPR and Cyber Security

  • GDPR Quick Test

  • GDPR Full Test

  • Office Based Cyber Security Test

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