Online Psychometric Testing- The Personality Questionnaire

Developed by experienced occupational psychometricians, the ISV Personality Questionnaire is a fully validated online psychometric test that quickly and accurately assesses candidates during the recruitment process. Our tests are perfect for organisations looking for scientifically validated psychometric personality assessments that are a cost-effective way of assessing candidates and employees and reducing the risk of a bad hire.


We can offer you a free trial of our ISV personality questionnaire psychometric test. Request a demo of our online skills testing software, a worthwhile solution to both candidate and employee assessment.


Our online personality questionnaire is used by both recruitment agencies and hiring managers, and considers 10 key personality areas. These include trust, goal focus, emotional expression, complex thinking, connecting with people and leading.


There is significant scientific research which shows these areas of personality can be good predictors of a range of important workplace outcomes. A candidate’s psychometric test score helps employers analyse the candidate’s potential future job performance. As with any psychometric or personality profiling tool, the questionnaire should be used to inform recruitment decisions rather than to make a definitive choice. Results should be shared with candidates or individuals taking the Personality Questionnaire for further discussion.


Individuals taking the test are presented with a series of statements and asked how strongly they agree or disagree with them on a 5-point scale. It’s a self-assessment tool, reflecting how the individual perceives their own behaviour. The results presented will report whether the person is below average, about average, or above average compared to a norm group of their peers.


The ISV Online Personality Questionnaire covers:

  • Connecting

  • Trust

  • Emotional Expression

  • Goal Focus

  • Complex Thinking

  • Problem Solving

  • Leadership

  • Change

  • Order

  • Inner Belief

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