Data Entry & Typing Tests

Are you recruiting or hiring secretarial support, a personal or executive assistant? Or perhaps you are looking to benchmark existing colleagues to gauge the typing skills across your team. Data entry and typing tests are ideal for measuring typing speed and accuracy. Copy typing, audio typing or data entry skills tests can be used as part of the hiring process, to assess each individual on their ability to capture information quickly and accurately. It’s also ideal for benchmarking your teams.


Copy Typing Assessment


Test individuals with a quick snapshot or comprehensive copy typing assessment. We have industry specific legal and medical copy typing tests available, Basic and Advanced. Our copy typing skills tests measure both speed and accuracy.


Audio Typing Assessment


Measure an individual’s ability to listen and recapture information. While listening to the audio, the individual is required to type in the relevant copy. With the audio spoken at different speeds, you can cover more advanced or capable typing speeds. There’s an ability to select standard, legal or medical audio typing tests.

The audio is spoken at 80, 90 or 100 words per minute (wpm).


Data Entry Assessment


Measure an individual’s ability to key in data by assessing their speed and accuracy in doing so. Individuals taking the test will hear fictitious audio information and will need to enter the details as quickly and accurately as possible in the relevant screens. These tests are ideal for contact centre recruitment. There are industry specific audio data entry tests. You can choose from different industry sectors for your data entry tests including Financial, Retail, Travel and Insurance.

Choose from the following Data Entry Tests (both Audio or On-Screen available):

  • Financial Data Entry

  • General Data Entry

  • Insurance Data Entry

  • Retail Data Entry

  • Travel Data Entry

Choose from a range of typing tests (either audio based or copy typing):

  • Legal typing (audio or copy typing)

  • Medical typing (audio or copy typing)

  • Basic Copy Typing

  • Advanced Copy Typing

  • Standard Audio Typing

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