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Numeracy is a vital skill for a host of jobs. Being able to undertake basic mental calculations or more advanced mental arithmetic is a mandatory requirement in a variety of job specifications, and many recruitment companies and hiring departments require that potential new employees are able to prove a reasonable level of competence in this area. Many company turn to ISV online numeracy tests to achieve this.  Arrange a free trial or read on to learn more about how we provide assessment tests for both recruitment agencies and major organisations.

Which companies use online numeracy tests?

ISV.Online provides a huge variety of skills tests to both employers and recruiting agencies, and our numeracy tests are among the most popular. Our clients include recruitment agencies such as Manpower, Reed, Hays and Randstad and companies like Hitachi, AXA, DHL, Samsung and NHS Trusts use our tests online to evaluate potential candidates and current employees.

How are numeracy skills taken?

With such a diverse group of clients our professional skills tests are designed to be used anywhere. As a result, our assessment tests are 100% delivered online and may be accessed from virtually any desktop or mobile device. Depending on the numeracy test being taken, a candidate may be presented with data that they will need to perform a calculation on and then either type the answer in or select it from a list of answers. He or she might have to read an instrument or analyse a graph and then select the correct answer from a series of options, or manually type the answer in. The length of tests will vary. Some questions may have as few as 10 questions and will only take 5 minutes; other tests may involve multiple sections and take up to 60 minutes.

What skills are covered by numeracy tests?

While numeracy is a core requirement for many jobs, the level of numeracy skills will vary significantly from one position to another. As a result, ISV.Online offer online tests covering a wide variety of skills. These include:

What is covered when you take a numeracy test online?

  • Addition

  • Subtraction

  • Multiplication

  • Division

  • Fractions

  • Percentages

  • Ratios

  • Time

  • Money

  • Perimeters and areas

  • Reading gages, dials and rulers

  • Number sequences

How will the questions be answered?

Our online numeracy tests are designed to evaluate a wide variety of number skills and so different questions will be answered in different ways. In some cases, the candidate will be asked to complete a mental arithmetic question and provide an answer. In some cases, the user will need to position a decimal point correctly. Some questions are multiple choice, while others require reading and typing into answer boxes.

The major benefit of online numeracy skills tests is that they can be taken anywhere and on any device.

Is it possible to practice a numeracy assessment to improve my results?

All our online numeracy assessments offer a practice test first, so you can take practice questions before undertaking your actual skills test.

How are numeracy tests scored and what is the pass mark?

ISV.Online numeracy skills tests and other online assessments can be used by many industries for many purposes, we don’t simply show a pass mark, rather ISV.Online gives you a detailed assessment overview with percentile rankings, and sub measurements of the overall assessment discipline. This allows you to quickly analyse the result, decide upon your own pass mark and compare with others that have taken the same assessment both in the context of your own job applicants and our wider user base.

What other skills assessment tests are typically taken alongside numeracy tests?

More organisations will also seek to assess the literacy skills of potential candidates. In addition, there are a host of “role specific” tests that a candidate might be asked to take. Clerical roles, for example, will test the specific ability of a candidate to enter data accurately, prioritise their workload, demonstrate spelling and grammar ability, while a test for a candidate for a job in a contact centre is likely to cover soft skills assessments, typing and input accuracy or psychometric profiles. In addition to assessing the “hard skills” of a candidate, a potential employer will often look to evaluate the softer skills. The ISV personality profile is used to evaluate everything from the ability of the candidate to reason through to leadership skills.

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