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Taking a literacy assessment online is part of the standard recruiting process for many job roles. Being able to read, write and spell are fundamental skills that are easily tested. The same is true for more advanced literacy skills such as verbal reasoning and synonyms. At ISV.Online, we offer a diverse range of skills tests to cover different professions. Our skills testing software is used by recruiting agencies, including Manpower, and hiring managers at organisations such as the NHS. Contact our sales team to arrange a demonstration of our online skills testing software in general – and our literacy tests in particular!


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Different jobs require different levels of proficiency . Our online literacy assessments cover the following areas:

  • Basic literacy

  • Attention to detail

  • Synonyms (multiple-choice to find words with the same meaning)

  • Verbal reasoning

  • Spelling (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels)

  • Legal literacy skills

  • Medical literacy skills

  • Geographical literacy skills

  • On screen spelling

Which companies use online literacy tests?

Professional skills tests are used by many of the largest organisations in the world. Recruitment companies that cater to the temporary workforce industry majorly benefit from online literacy assessment. It helps optimise job placements and thus facilitates improved client-agency relationship. Of course, these benefits extend to recruitment firms placing contract and permanent staff as well. We also work with the hiring teams of major corporations – we are proud that recruitment agencies such as Manpower, Reed, Hays and Randstad and organisations like Hitachi, AXA, DHL, Samsung and the NHS use our online literacy skill tests to assess the proficiency of the candidates they consider. Candidates will have easy access to literacy assessment online. The immediate results derived from the online literacy assessment reduces the recruiting time considerably.


We also work with major organisations to help them identify and evaluate key skills – and skills gaps – among current employees.  Our online literacy assessments are among our most popular candidate proficiency tests.

How are literacy skills tests taken?

With such a diverse group of clients our skills tests are designed to be used anywhere. We believe for literacy assessments, online is the only appropriate delivery model. Candidates should be able to be assessed online remotely using virtually any desktop or mobile device. Those taking our literacy test online will require little more than good internet speed, and with no need to install any plugins or 3rd party software, it is quick and easy to set up.


Depending on the literacy test being taken, a candidate may hear a voice reading certain sentences that will then need to be retyped accurately. He or she might have to select the correct word from a series of options, or decide which position of a punctuation mark is correct. Perhaps choose the correct spelling from a series of options – Is it “Assessment” or “Assesment?”


Candidates taking the literacy tests online are typically given a finite amount of time to answer all questions.

How long do literacy assessments take to complete?

Different jobs require different skills and different levels of those skills. It can be very demotivating for a candidate to find themselves answering questions that are beyond the requirements of the job they are in or are being considered for. As a result, our literacy skills tests vary in both difficulty and length. It does not demand excessive amount of time from candidates to complete the literacy assessment online. Our shorter tests will only take 5 minutes, while more involved tests can last for 30 minutes.

Is it possible to practice a literacy test online to improve results?

All our online literacy assessments offer a practice test first, so your candidates can sample practice questions before undertaking your actual assessment. This is true for all of our tests, in general.

How are skills tests scored and what is the pass mark?

As our skills tests and online assessments can be used by many industries for many purposes, we don’t simply offer a standard pass mark. ISV.Online provides a detailed assessment overview with percentile rankings, and sub measurements of the overall assessment discipline. This allows you to quickly analyse the result, decide upon your own pass mark and compare with others that have taken the same assessment.

What other skills assessment tests are typically taken alongside literacy tests?

More organisations will also seek to assess the numeracy skills of potential candidates. In addition, there are a host of “job specific” tests that a candidate might be asked to take. A candidate being considered for a clerical role, for example, might be assessed on numeracy tests, reasoning or prioritisation tests, personality measurements or aptitude and comprehension assessments.


When a company is making a hire, they will also look at the personality of the potential candidates. Many of our clients will use our psychometric tests to evaluate how a potential candidate will fit the hiring organisation.


To set up a demonstration of our online literacy assessment software, along with our wide variety of other skills and personality tests, contact our sales team.

Use screening, competency and skills & psychometric assessments as important tools to ensure accurate candidate assessment. 🛠️📊#PsychometricAssessments #Recruitment #SkillsTesting


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