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Thank you for your interest, we will contact you shortly.
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Skills Testing & Online Assessments

It’s a common problem, you hire or promote someone only to find out they are not as skilled or qualified as you expected. This is exactly why online skills testing and assessments are especially important and rapidly growing in popularity. We understand you want an easy, convenient and proven way to make informed recruitment and employment decisions.

Our sophisticated reporting will enable you to find and promote the right people for the right positions, reducing risks associated with recruitment.

Ideal scenarios for online skills and knowledge assessments

  • Employment testing
    increase your placement rates and client relationships by providing competent people with proven skills.
  • Performance analysis
    identify your top performers and specific underlying skills that promote their success.
  • Training needs analysis
    quickly identify specific training requirements by measure and analysing skills or knowledge gaps for individual people or whole teams.
  • People development
    continued assessment of people or teams to measure progression, pinpoint how skills and knowledge has changed over time.
  • Talent management
    Talented people are your most valuable asset, identify them by proven abilities rather than qualifications or certifications that are not always indicative of success.

Benefits of skills testing

  • Save time and increase productivity
  • Improve placement rates
  • Reduce cost per hire
  • Boost employee retention rates
  • Lower recruitment and training costs
  • Minimise risks by investing in the wrong people

Assessment Content

We offer a large choice of assessments in many different sectors, but also give you the tools to create your own assessments

Typing & Data Entry Skills Testing Driving Tegislation Skills TestingContact Centre Skills TestingMicrosoft Office Skills TestingHealth and Safety Skills TestingAccounting and Accountancy Skills Testing Numeracy and Literacy Skills Testing Reasoning Assessments

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Whether you want to test one person or thousands of people, we can help!  ISV has been providing assessment and measuring solutions since 1992.  Our portfolio of content and features continues to grow rapidly, as our clients' feedback drives development and enhancements throughout our business.  

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