You cannot escape the subject of Cyber Security and Information Governance right now, and rightly so. Staying safe online and protecting your and your customers’ data has never been more important. ISV has added Cyber Security training for you and your team to ensure you’re in the know and protected when it comes to data security.


The Cyber Security training has been adapted for the ISV system from content provided under the Open Government Licence v3.0 Crown Copyright. The full program takes around 30 minutes and is split into 6 modules covering different aspects of Cyber Security. These modules include protecting and sharing information, working on the move, information in the workplace, fraud and how to stay safe online. Users can dip in and out of the video-based training, learning at their own pace.


ISV has developed an associated Cyber Security test to verify understanding of the topic. The test mirrors the content of the training. Individuals who complete the training should be well placed to answer the multiple-choice questions raised in the test. Recruiters can use it for their own team as well as for candidates.

Topics covered include

  • Protecting & sharing information

  • Information in the workplace

  • Working on the move

  • Staying safe online

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