The reality in business is that some people may not have the skill levels that we need. They may need to develop their knowledge to an advanced level, or perhaps they are new to an office environment and struggle to get their heads around even simple tasks that many of us take for granted.


Thankfully, that’s where ISV come in. Our online training modules are a great way for candidates or colleagues to develop their skills or even brush up on skills they haven’t used for a while.


As a recruitment consultant, ISV’s online training allows you to put forward the best trained candidates, most appropriately suited to your client’s vacancy. The training helps you build and nurture the important relationship with a candidate who may not be quite at the right level just yet, but who will be after completing the training.


From the HR professional’s point of view, there are many well-documented benefits of training your team. It boosts employee engagement, improves productivity, increases colleague retention rates and aligns skill levels across a team.


All of the e-learning is split into modules so it is easy for the learner to dip in and out. They can pace themselves and revisit topics when needed.


Remember, we can also create training videos or e-learning solutions tailored to your business!

Benefits of online training

  • Reduce training costs

  • Develop skills and knowledge

  • Learner paced - dip in and out

  • Improve placement rates

  • Increase productivity

  • Boost employee retention rates

Training Content

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