Microsoft Office Training can often feel like a headache to organise. Getting colleagues in the same room, ensuring the training is cost effective and making sure it’s pitched at the right level isn’t always easy. But it can be!


The Microsoft Office suite is the most popular range of desktop applications used in the workplace and at home.


Collectively, Microsoft Office enables the user, amongst other things, to carry out word processing via Word, store and manipulate numerical data (Excel), create interactive presentations (Powerpoint), and send and manage emails or your diary (Outlook).


But how do you make the most of these Microsoft packages? What about when Microsoft upgrades the software, will you still be able to navigate your way around? And what if you’re new to the Office suite, where do you start?


If you are a recruiter, you might want to develop the skills of your candidate so that they can impress when they come to take a Microsoft test.


ISV has developed a collection of online, interactive Microsoft Office training videos to ensure you, your candidates or your colleagues are up to speed. It is split into modules so it’s learner paced. Just dip in and out as you choose. Our portfolio covers the Microsoft Office 2013 edition.

Choose from these Microsoft Office Packages

  • Word

  • Excel

  • PowerPoint

  • Outlook

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