Why Should I Care About ISV’s HTML5 Player?

Date: 15 November 2018

Stop the press, our new HTML5 player is here! There has been a big fanfare and we’ve been making a bit of a fuss about our new HTML5 Player but why? What’s all the noise about and why should you, a recruiter or HR professional, care about it?


Let’s start at the beginning.


What is HTML and HTML5?


HTML is a type of coding language known as a mark-up. Specifically, it’s the code which webpages and visual emails (like newsletters) are written in. Primarily, it tells your device what should be displayed and how. Using HTML coding enables the capability of running all sorts of content like music, audio, animations, movies and video clips.


For the more technically minded, HTML is actually just part of the code that makes things happen on websites. There is usually a core language in the background like JavaScript, but HTML is generally thought of as being in the driving seat when it comes to presentation. HTML5 is the latest version of HTML.


Why the fuss – what’s so good about HTML5?


Before HTML coding (and specifically HTML5) became more mainstream, to run content like video or audio you would generally need to download a plugin (an extra bit of software to enable interactive content) to experience content rich webpages. Typically, the plugin would be something like Adobe Flash or Java.


HTML5, the latest iteration of HTML coding, has built on the existing mark-up language to allow browsers to interact with more content rich media. An HTML5 player doesn’t really care what you’re trying to view or listen to, it will just pick up the content and make it happen… essentially making a much better user experience.


You can be watching content on any device, whether it’s a PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone, and an HTML5 player will instruct the internet browser you are using to respond to the relevant screen size, scaling your content accordingly. This alone is impressive, the window size for a PC is significantly different from a phone. There is no need for zooming in though, using an HTML5 player can take care of that for you.


Why is it important and why now?


HTML coding is not particularly new. What has changed and why this impacts us is because one of the most popular plugins is reaching its end of life. Adobe’s Flash Player has previously been a popular tool to run video and audio content.


In 2017 Adobe announced that from 2020, they would no longer produce or support Flash. They identified declining use as the major cause behind their decision. That, along with the range of other options available (including HTML), means Flash is no longer viable for Adobe. Many browsers are already beginning to disable Flash, meaning users have to manually select to enable use of it.


The decline of Flash was spurred along by Apple. When Apple launched the iPhone way back when, they refused to support Flash, saying that HTML5 was more than sufficient to run content.


As consumer and business use of the internet and smart phones has increased, use of Flash and other plugins has decreased. HTML5 isn’t owned by anyone (it’s non-proprietary) so businesses don’t pay a fee to use it. On the whole, it works with complex graphics and delivers them quickly and seamlessly, provided you have sufficient internet connectivity.


HTML5 is compatible with all leading browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari and, as mentioned, it just picks up the content and runs with it.


One of the biggest plus points is that life is easier with an HTML5 player. There are no downloads required and no wading through browser settings to enable the content even after the plugin has been installed. It just works.


What does it mean for candidate testing?


The big news from a candidate testing point of view is that if the system you use is reliant on Flash or Java (or any other plugin) then it’s on its way out. Flash won’t be supported come 2020, so running content will become more difficult in the lead up. We don’t know for certain what will happen then but using plugins to run content is fast becoming dated and inconvenient for both you and, more importantly, your candidates.


Using an HTML5 will make for a much better candidate experience. Content will be delivered directly where the test screen will scale regardless of the screen size the candidate is using.


Do I need to do anything with my ISV account?


The first question you need to ask yourself is which ISV platform are you using? Is it our legacy product called FastPath or the new version ISV Online? If you’re not sure, just check out the web address on your login page.


If you’re using ISV Online, the good news is that you don’t need to do anything. We’ve developed a purpose built HTML5 player which will pick up your content and run with it. You might notice some slight cosmetic improvements to the look and feel of our tests but essentially, the changes you will see are minimal except for creating a better user experience.


With no plug-ins required, your candidates, colleagues or test takers don’t need to do anything more than click ‘start’ to run their tests or training.


The HTML5 player is web based first, meaning that although the player will allow some tests to be run on tablet and mobile devices, until they have been fully quality checked we will keep them disabled for now. Many recruitment tests will never be mobile compatible and for good reason - for example, data entry tests or typing tests where the device could potentially allow speech to text or autocorrect. More on this in future blogs!


If you’re on our FastPath platform, then you should speak to us about migrating over to ISV Online. FastPath is reliant on Flash to deliver content. As Flash becomes obsolete, our hand has been forced and we can no longer support the product. Since launching ISV Online our development efforts have gone into this more advanced and modernised platform, we’d encourage you to join us there and see the difference for yourself.


Contact ISV to learn more about our purpose built HTML5 player and ask about using our testing.

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