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Best online skills testing and psychometric assessment software ranked on Trustpilot in 2024

When it comes to finding the right people for the right job, skills testing is the only way to be sure of the right fit, boost employee retention and reduce the risk of bad hires. But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the best online skills testing and psychometric assessment software?


To help you decide, we have compiled a list of the best online skills testing and psychometric assessment software options based on their Trustpilot rankings (as of 9 February 2024).


Best online skills testing and psychometric assessment software ranked on Trustpilot in 2024

1. ISV.Online by Ikiru People


Trustpilot rating: 4.8 on 784 reviews (as of 9 February 2024).


(NB – ISV.Online support is provided by Ikiru People – rated 4.8 on 784 reviews).


What we say:


“At ISV.Online, we believe in helping you find the right people, for the right jobs by providing what we believe is the best candidate testing and training software available. In fact, our core product is the UK’s number 1 choice for recruiters when it comes to skills testing.


ISV’s online testing gives you quick and easy access to assessments 24/7. The system offers a speedy candidate set up, a central database of instant results and the ability to compare candidates.


The ISV.Online library includes ready-made tests measuring psychometric assessments, literacy, numeracy, typing skills, general aptitude, commercial driving, accounting skills and knowledge of working with Microsoft Office packages to name just a few! Plus, you can even create your own assessments.


  • Candidate Skills Assessment and Evaluation Software: Our online recruitment skills testing platform allows you to assess candidates before hiring.  Delivered on any device, select from our huge range of standard tests or create your own customised tests to assess the skills that matter to your organisation.
  • Create Your Own Skills Tests: Create your own candidate skills assessment test with ISV Online’s Custom Test Builder tool. We make advanced online skills testing easy, effortless and effective. Make the most of ISV.Online and create your own tests!
  • Online Training Tools: Use our skills assessment software to identify knowledge gaps among your candidates  and employees and then use our online training software to improve performance post hire.  The combination of our online skill testing and training tools support employee development across the organisation.
  • Cost effective online skills assessments: ISV.Online offers a variety of options.  Running a big recruiting campaign?  Pay as little as £1 per candidate to under our contract options.  Simply looking to assess the skills of a small number of employees or candidates?  Try our “Pay as you go options” and face no ongoing commitments.”


Get in touch to arrange a demonstration today!



2. Recruitment Tests


Trustpilot rating: 4.7 on 33 reviews (as of 9 February 2024).


What the vendor says:


“Recruitment Tests’ mission is to provide small, medium and large recruiting companies with a wide choice of very affordable quality UK candidate assessment and psychrometric tests to objectively, clearly and precisely provide insight to their job applicants hard skills and intelligence, assisting recruiting managers to recruit the best staff in less time.


  • Extensive selection of quality tests developed with UK certified professionals.
  • Self service via a bespoke testing portal – you’re in control of your needs.
  • 24/7 service availability: Easy to use for your candidates at their convenience.
  • Automatic marking & results, providing analysis and benchmarking.”


3. The Hire Talent


 Trustpilot rating: 4.6 on 63 reviews (as of 9 February 2024).


What the vendor says:


“The Hire Talent help companies improve profits by providing predictive pre-hire testing and recruitment SAAS tools making hiring the best talent easier and faster. 


  • Hire Employees with the ability to rapidly learn and use logic to come to the best conclusions. The Aptitude and People Skills Test measures any candidate’s cognitive ability and aptitude to deal with people as it relates to succeeding on the job. 
  • The Candidate Scorecard allows hiring managers to use the same line of questioning and criteria for all interviews, so results are always repeatable. 
  • The Hire Talent created Reference Hunter for background checks.
  • As well as the usual aptitude tests, they have personality and more specialised testing for sales and leadership.”



4. eTalent


 Trustpilot ranking: 4.3 on 10 reviews (as of 9 February 2024).


What the vendor says:


“eTalent online psychometric testing makes recruitment easier, saves you time and ensures that you get to see the best candidates for the role. They have automatic personality screening of all your candidates by their proven psychometric assessments. 


  • eTalent then evaluates each result. This allows their recruiting system to remove unsuitable applicants and generate an ordered ranking of the candidates who best meet your criteria. 
  • All your job vacancies appear on your own company branded portal, designed to match your brand’s identity for a seamless experience. 
  • Define the role you need to recruit and specify the key skills the ideal candidate will need to have, then select the Personality Job Profile against which applicants will be assessed from their comprehensive list of over 40 validated profiles.
  • It’s easy to shortlist your preferred candidates and generate a PDF report with interview questions for each candidate to guide you through the interview process.”


5. TestGorilla 


 Trustpilot score: 4.2 on 558 reviews (as of 9 February 2024).


What the vendor says:


“TestGorilla ranks your applicants according to test scores certified by their experts. This means your HR team can rely on good data to make important decisions – and not just their gut feeling.  


  • They automatically grade and rank your candidates. In the time it takes to savor a cup of coffee, you can watch video responses to custom questions. 
  • With TestGorilla, you give all applicants an equal, unbiased opportunity to showcase themselves. 
  • Choose from TestGorilla’s 400+ candidate-friendly skills and personality tests for fast and accurate pre-employment screening 
  • Account creation is exclusively for hiring companies. If you’ve been invited to take an assessment, there’s no need to create an account with TestGorilla.”


6. Thrive


 Trustpilot ranking: 4.1 on 17 reviews (as of 9 February 2024).


What the vendor says:


“Thrive’s world-leading cognitive aptitude and personality assessments help companies identify the right candidates, with the right behaviours, whilst remaining objective and data driven.


  • Reduce the risk of hiring the wrong person by choosing from over 200,000 job specific assessments personalised to your exact requirements and culture, then prep with interview questions relevant to results.
  • Thrive’s self-service platform has been specifically designed to give full control to businesses over their hiring journey and requires no training. 
  • A proprietary, scientific formula provides you with an overall suitability, gathering all assessment results into just one score, allowing you to quickly scan across candidates. 
  • Accredited by international psychology bodies, proving a reduction in bias and accuracy of predictive validity.”



7. EmployTest


 Trustpilot ranking: 3.8 on 2 reviews (as of 9 February 2024).


What the vendor says:


“EmployTest helps you identify candidates whose skill set matches their resumes, ensuring they can hit the ground running and add immediate organizational value. Their tests undergo an extensive research and development process, as well as a validation process, to ensure they accurately and consistently measure the desired skill or competency. 


  • Select the right employment assessment tests that meet the requirements of your job positions. You can email candidates a test session (or they can test in your office) and you’ll get the scores as soon as they complete it. 
  • Tests include: Accounting Knowledge, Basic Employment Skills, Behavioral & Aptitude, Healthcare, Human Resources, Industrial & Warehouse, Legal Office Knowledge, Microsoft & Technology.
  • To deliver those tests, they’ve partnered with the top test development companies to offer three test platform options.
  • The tests follow all EEOC and US Labor Dept.’s Guidelines on Employee Selection. Test results should be monitored periodically to watch for signs of biases or adverse impact.”



8. Testlify


Trustpilot ranking: 3.7 on 1 review (as of 9 February 2024).


What the vendor says:


“Testlify helps you identify the best talent from anywhere in the world, with a seamless experience that candidates and hiring teams love.


  • Build diverse teams: Testlify’s assessment tool removes unconscious bias from your screening process and finds hidden gems from under-represented backgrounds.
  • Identify the best talent three times faster: Free up precious time for both hiring managers and talent acquisition teams.
  • Test on-the-job skills: Test candidates for on-the-job skills over trick questions and find the most qualified candidates.
  • Designed for high completion rate: Testifly’s tests are low-stress, adaptive, and take just 30 minutes to complete.”


9. Alva Labs


 Trustpilot ranking: 3.4 on 91 reviews (as of 9 February 2024).


What the vendor says:


“Alva’s science-backed candidate assessment platform gives global HR and talent acquisition teams the ability to make faster, smarter hiring decisions. 


  • Alva’s tools support you at every stage of the hiring process. 
  • Alva easily integrates with the major ATS providers, giving hiring teams the power to efficiently assess and measure candidates. 
  • ATS integrations with TeamTailor, ReachMee, Jobylon, Workday.
  • Their ISO 27001 certification underscores their dedication to top-tier data protection regulations and security compliance.”



10. Vervoe


Trustpilot ranking: 3.2 on 1 review (as of 9 February 2024).


What the vendor says:


“Vervoe helps employers make hiring decisions based on how well candidates can actually do the job instead of how good they look on paper. Vervoe replaces the traditional hiring process with skills assessments and gives every candidate an opportunity to showcase their talent by doing job-related tasks. Then, Vervoe uses machine learning models to automatically rank candidates based on how well they perform.


  • AI-powered grading and ranking you can trust: Vervoe’s job simulations and skills assessments use an intuitive machine learning AI to grade and rank candidates so you can see the best rise to the top in minutes, not hours.
  • A library of 300+ ready-to-use skills assessments: Not sure what skills to test or how to test them? No problem. Our experts have created a growing library of assessments that are tailor-made for your role and ready to use with pre-written questions that simulate on-the-job tasks. Just select your assessment, invite candidates, and watch Vervoe do the rest.
  • Realistic job simulations purpose-built for your role: Give candidates a realistic preview of a day on the job at your organization with immersive, purpose-built job simulations that test skills in the exact context they’ll be used. See how customer support candidates respond to tickets in a Zendesk-like environment, or how cybersecurity candidates solve network security issues, all within a live terminal.
  • Seamless integration with your chosen workflow: Pipe assessments directly into your ATS or existing hiring workflow and combine Vervoe with your favorite tools. From SmartRecruiters to Workday, we can integrate with an impressive array of ATS’ so you can add skills assessments and job simulations at any stage in your recruitment process.”



Online skills software products with no presence on Trustpilot include:




What the vendor says:


“Skillsarena provides online skills tests that enables you to evaluate candidates’ key competencies, ranging from verbal and numerical reasoning to core skills. By integrating an online skills assessment into your recruitment protocol, you can ensure that the candidates you select align with the demands of your company.


  • Skills testing for recruitment: These assessments include those related to logic, such as aptitude tests, verbal reasoning tests, numerical reasoning tests and more. Plus core skills tests, which assess knowledge-based, non-specific skills of potential or existing employees, and role-specific assessments, including those designed for legal, clerical, and finance professionals, as well as many others.
  • Streamline your recruitment process: By using Skillsarena, you gain a deeper insight into the people applying for roles within your business, enabling you to make informed decisions that allow for a more efficient and effective recruitment process. Whatever industry you’re in and whatever role you need to fill within your organisation, our online skills assessments can be tailored to fit your specific needs.
  • Filter unsuitable applicants: When used as pre-employment tests, they effectively filter large amounts of applicants. The assessment criteria used by skills assessments provide a realistic overview of a role, so they can be used consistently as a means of measuring key, job-specific indications of performance.
  • Save time and money: Assessing many candidates’ abilities to perform various disparate aspects of a job role would be an extremely time-consuming process for both candidate and employer if each interview were conducted face-to-face or over the phone. Many of these abilities can be tested through pre-employment skills testing instead, at the candidate’s leisure.”



HR Avatar


What the vendor says:


“HR Avatar provides pre-employment tests, job simulations, and assessments for over 200 specific job titles in an easy-to-use, self-service format. There are different types of assessments to fit your unique needs. Choose from ‘all-in-one’ job-specific tests that include everything to a la cart assessments that target specific skills and competencies. 


  • They’ve done all the thinking for you and incorporated the most important competencies for each job into a single test. Based on decades of government research, these tests make it easy to get the information you need about a candidate. 
  • Pick the Job and Go – All tests are named by Job Title. You simply find the test most closely related to the job you are hiring for. 
  • All Key Dimensions – Each job-specific assessment covers all the bases. Dimensions measured include knowledge, skills, ability, personality, emotional intelligence, and past behaviors. 
  • Animated ‘Day-in-the-life’ – Each assessment starts with an animated simulation that mimics the environment and activities for the specific job. Candidates enjoy the experience and get a taste for what the job would be like.”




What the vendor says:


“Criteria helps their customers build more engaged workforces, improve retention, generate more revenue, increase productivity, and so much more. 


  • Criteria’s aptitude, personality, emotional intelligence, and skills tests are rigorously validated to predict the results that matter: actual on-the-job performance. 
  • View intuitive score reports, filter your candidates, and create and export reports of your candidates. 
  • Within Criteria’s platform it’s easy to create testing links and paste them directly into your job postings. Applicants take tests remotely with a click of a button, and results are instant. 
  • Criteria’s testing platform integrates with a wide range of applicant tracking systems through their API.”





What the vendor says:


“Assess technical and soft skills, cognitive abilities, and personality using skill assessments, video interviews, and pre-screening chatbots. Never make a poor and expensive hiring decision. Use job simulation assessments – the best predictor of future job performance. 


  • Ensure the credibility of candidates’ assessments with the most advanced anti-cheating features available, including ChatGPT detection. 
  • Assess professional and soft skills, cognitive abilities, and personality characteristics using skill assessments, video interviews, and pre-screening chatbots: all with one platform. 
  • Choose from their library of 500+ expert-made tests, customize existing tests to meet your needs, or create an assessment from scratch to evaluate candidates’ role-specific skills. 
  • Boost your branding by adding your company logo, colors, welcome video, and message to enhance engagement and increase completion rates.”




What the vendor says:


“Clevry assessments provide powerful insights into your candidates’ personality, ability and motivational drivers within the workplace. Gain a more well-rounded view of your future talent and their ability to perform in the role. Choose from a range of psychometric reports including personality profiles, onboarding, team strengths and leadership so your new recruits can hit the ground running.


  • Unrivalled flexibility: Easily create ‘assessment campaigns’ for your recruitment and development processes. Choose from a range of different assessments for candidates to complete online, including personality questionnaires, ability tests, situational judgement tests and other recruitment tools.
  • Easily assess the traits that matter: Choose from a range of different personality scales and use only the ones that are most relevant to your organisation.
  • Create your own Personality Questionnaires, powered by the Clevry Scales Library. Choose the personality elements you want to assess from a library of 46 attributes covering interpersonal style, thinking style, emotional style, motivations and culture-fit.
  • Intuitive candidate matching & admin: Clevry uses an overall suitability algorithm for candidate matching scores. Easily track the progress of your candidates through the entire assessment process. Stay in touch with your candidates through email and SMS notifications.”





What the vendor says:


“Predicting job-fit accurately means being able to cover all job-related requirements. HiPeople covers them all. Use our assessment library to cover everything that matters to you, and leave out the bits that don’t add value. By that, your candidates receive bite-sized, role specific, enjoyable assessments.


  • Easily identify which candidates show the highest role-fit.
  • Reduce your time-to-hire, and minimize the risk of losing your best candidates.
  • Use HiPeople’s job-fit score to predict performance, not CVs‍.
  • Systematically compare all candidates objectively on the same data points.”




What the vendor says:


“Skillmeter ensures you’re hiring successfully by preselecting candidates based on their actual skills and knowledge. Save time, money and avoid stress.


  • Available anywhere/anytime: Tests are available 24/7 and candidates can take the assessments from anywhere in the world, with any browser.
  • Use your own tests: Skillmeter allows you build your tests in any format: timed, scored and with a wide variety of question types.
  • Flexible branding: Personalize your test center with your own logo and your own sub-domain name to keep the identity of your company.
  • Fast results reporting: You get tests results instantly by email and they are also archived in the system for later reference.”



What are pre-hiring skills tests and assessments used for?


A huge amount of companies use skills testing software to evaluate the skills of potential hires. Hiring is expensive – not only in terms of the initial recruitment fees, but also with the impact of the cost of a bad hire. Testing that a potential candidate has the skills to do the job and is a good personality fit can increase the chances of a successful placement. Recruitment agencies use skills tests as a way of validating that the candidates they introduce to their clients will be successful.


What about personality testing – do employers use them?


Absolutely – most companies put as much effort into ensuring that a candidate is a good ‘fit’ as they do in ensuring that he or she has the appropriate skills, and use an array of psychometric tests to ensure the quality of fit. The best vendors offer an array of tests and typically offer “per candidate” based pricing – allowing you to assess potential hires against a variety of measures for one low fee.



How can you select the best online skills testing software for your business?


For recruitment agencies or hiring managers looking to invest in skills testing and psychometric assessments, here are some questions to ask vendors:


  • Can tests be run on all devices? Some products are not mobile-friendly!
  • Is personal data stored in a fully secure, GDPR compliant manner?
  • Does the platform offer an array of different skills tests (both hard and soft)?
  • Can you perform both skills, reasoning and psychometric assessments on the same platform?
  • Do the tests run natively without any 3rd party plugin, such as Flash or Java?
  • Can I create and customise my own tests?
  • What level of support can I expect?


We’d love to talk to you about how ISV.Online can help with your online skills testing and psychometric assessment needs.


Get in touch with our team to schedule a demo today!





ISV.Online is the leading supplier of skills testing software and services to the UK Recruitment Industry.  Used by 9 of the top 10 UK agencies, by number of offices, and 7 of the top 10, by revenue, ISV.Online offers candidate skills assessment and evaluation software and online training tools, allowing agencies and in-house HR/recruitment teams to validate the skills of potential candidates and existing employees across a wide range of areas.


Use screening, competency and skills & psychometric assessments as important tools to ensure accurate candidate assessment. 🛠️📊#PsychometricAssessments #Recruitment #SkillsTesting


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