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Helping Recruiters Stay Close To Their Clients During The Pandemic

If you are a recruiter and are wondering how you can get close – and stay close – to clients during this time, then you would do well to take a leaf out of Lisa Murray’s book.


As Director of recruitment firm Braundton Consulting, Lisa explains how she has turned a negative into a positive with the help of ISV.Online – the skills testing and training platform.


“Simply put, during this furlough period we have offered numerous furloughed employees the chance to be put on to our online assessments and training packages to help them upskill”, says Lisa. 


“Our clients are able to take advantage of this down time and put their furloughed employees through our testing and training program, to which they have been very grateful – it’s sparked lots of deep conversations, allowing us to get closer to our clients and build a deeper understanding of their challenges and personalities.   





Having worked through two recessions and Brexit, I fully appreciate that now is not the time for recruiters to be bombarding clients with sales calls, it’s about making the time to call them to show support, compassion and offering something back to the community – and ISV.Online has given us just that tool!


It has also been very humbling to be able to support the local community and school leavers. Many sixth formers who are unable to take their A-levels due to Covid-19 have been able to upskill whilst waiting in the wings for their first ever permanent jobs, when the lockdown ends.  


I believe recruiters should do more to help their community, and I like to think we are taking the lead in this area.


We love that the ISV.Online platform has allowed us to stay close to customers, and give back to the community – I’d certainly recommend ISV.Online to anyone looking to make the most of this quiet time, and prepare for the future.”





More about Lisa Murray – Director of Braundton Consulting



Lisa has been recruiting for 35 years, and more recently formed her own recruitment business within the Bexley, Sidcup, Kent, and South-East London areas.


“Whilst Braundton Consulting embraces the social media and online technologies, we utilise technology to enhance the personal touch rather than replace it!  Braundton Consulting also has a very strong Social Value Plan and each month gives something back to the community, our clients, and our candidates, for NO fee! This has included us being able to offer FREE testing and training to our candidates and clients using the ISV.Online tools (to which I have been associated with for over 7 years)”, says Lisa.

Lisa also grabbed the attention of MP James Brokenshire whom she met when opening new Braundton Consulting offices, and he was extremely supportive of the firm’s offer to  test and train candidates in the community to help them upskill.




More about ISV.Online


Our online testing and training modules are a great way for candidates or colleagues to develop their skills or even brush up on skills they have not used for a while.


As a recruitment consultant, ISV.Online’s online assessments and training packages allow you to put forward the best candidates, most appropriately suited to your client’s vacancy. The testing and training help you build and nurture the important relationship with a candidate who may not be quite at the right level just yet, but who will be after completing the program.


From the HR professional’s point of view, there are many well-documented benefits of training your team. It boosts employee engagement, improves productivity, increases colleague retention rates and aligns skill levels across a team.





ISV.Online is the leading supplier of skills testing software and services to the UK Recruitment Industry.  Used by 9 of the top 10 UK agencies, by number of offices, and 7 of the top 10, by revenue, ISV.Online offers candidate skills assessment and evaluation software and online training tools, allowing agencies and in-house HR/recruitment teams to validate the skills of potential candidates and existing employees across a wide range of areas.


Use screening, competency and skills & psychometric assessments as important tools to ensure accurate candidate assessment. 🛠️📊#PsychometricAssessments #Recruitment #SkillsTesting


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