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Accessibility matters: ISV.Online skills testing versus traditional assessment centres

Assessment centres have been common in testing candidate skills in more detail, enabling recruiters to see how candidates react to different scenarios and challenges. Although it is helpful to assess suitability of candidates further than their CVs, those who have physical disabilities could very well be disadvantaged. For instance, the lack of ease of going to the venue, and little to no accessibility facilities. Let’s explore how online skills testing can help!


Challenges with traditional assessment centres:


  • Physical barriers

Traditional assessment centres are typically located in a physical location. These venues may have physical barriers such as stairs, narrow doorways, or inaccessible restrooms that make it difficult for candidates with physical disabilities to navigate comfortably. This can create feelings of rejection which may negatively impact their performance.


  • Practical challenges

Assessment centres can involve group exercises and role-play scenarios. Candidates with limited mobility may have difficulty participating fully in these activities, resulting in an unfair assessment of their abilities.


  • Prejudices and stereotypes

Despite the best of intentions, examiners may unconsciously stereotype applicants with disabilities. This bias can affect their evaluation and result in candidates being unfairly judged based on their disability rather than their abilities and potential.


  • Extra pressure

Disabled candidates may experience additional pressure as they worry about not being able to perform at the same level as other candidates. This additional pressure affects their ability to demonstrate their true capabilities.

Benefits of online skills testing

ISV.Online is a web-based platform ensuring accessibility to all candidates. They can use it from the comfort of their home or anywhere with internet access. This removes the physical barriers faced by traditional assessment centres.



ISV.Online allows employers to create customised skills tests based on specific job requirements. This ensures that the assessment process is relevant and fair for all candidates, including those with physical disabilities.


The tests are designed to provide an objective assessment based on a candidate’s actual skills and abilities. It eliminates the possibility of unconscious bias or stereotypes that can occur in traditional assessment centres.


Flexible deadlines


Candidates can complete ISV.Online skills tests at their own pace, reducing the stress and anxiety associated with traditional assessment centres. This allows them to focus on demonstrating their skills without distractions.


Comprehensive reporting


ISV.Online provides detailed reporting that enables employers to make data-driven decisions. This not only ensures a fair hiring process but also helps identify the best talent more accurately.


A more convenient way to assess skills


Traditional assessment centres, while valuable for assessing candidates, can be challenging and unfair for people with physical disabilities. ISV.Online skills tests offer a more comprehensive, convenient and beneficial alternative. By using technology and customisation, employers and recruiters can level the playing field and ensure that applicants with disabilities have equal opportunities to demonstrate their skills and potential.






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