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Do you know if your candidate is a beautiful liar?

Have you been there? That moment when you thought you had found the perfect candidate? It was almost too good to be true. Your candidate’s CV and skills perfectly matched your client’s requirements. Of course you trusted the candidate, and were delighted you didn’t have to look any further. However, as time passed by and the end of the hiring process came closer it all turned out to be a beautiful lie.



And now today – What makes you so sure your candidates truly exhibit the right skills? What if the perfect candidate again turns out to be incapable of doing what they said they could? Certainly you can choose to take your candidates by their word (as not all candidates tend to exaggerate on their CV). However, statistics shows that over 58% of employers have caught a lie on CV. Is all this worth the drama; is it worth your time?



Why do (some) candidates lie?


Lies. I’m pretty sure everyone has told one once in their lifetime, even an innocent seeming fib. And who can blame us? It’s in our human nature! However some lies may be a little more than just white lies; especially when it affects an entire business and team. Some candidates tend to lie because they genuinely feel they are suitable for the job. Others might desire a higher position and better salary. Also, constantly experiencing rejection from employers can provoke candidates to act out of character when there finally seems to be light at the end of the tunnel – a job interview.


Here are a few aspects you might need to pay attention to when it comes to spotting a beautifully packaged lie.


  • Exaggeration on past employment dates – Beware of candidates who stretch the truth to cover gaps in their work history. If a candidate cannot explain the reason for gaps in employment there might be something fishy going on.
  • Misrepresentation of past job titles – Some candidates aren’t afraid to forge previous job titles in order to be more suitable for a specific job role. Career experts have discovered that one of the most common lies told on CVs is the misrepresentation of job titles.
  • The right qualification and skills – Also beware of candidates who claim to have earned certain qualifications or skills to look more eligible for the job role. It’s quite common that some candidates are happy to use the qualifications of their siblings and family members.


How do you tell if your candidate is the real deal or not?


Apart from the above common aspects, you might have experienced other ‘beautifully’ unpleasant scenarios. However, the last aspect is probably the most crucial one. Hiring someone inadequate (or not having the right skills) to perform in their role can be harmful to both the individual and the growth of the business.



Over the years employers and agencies have found several ways to spot the good from the bad. If a candidate seems too good to be true, they probably are. A candidate that has it right 100% would most likely not be challenged to develop and grow, and is probably better off somewhere else.



I’m not saying you shouldn’t be impressed by a good CV, because then again, some candidates are the real deal. However if there’s a way to be sure, would you still choose to take the risk? By testing your candidates you allow yourself to look past ‘the CV glory’ and objectively select your candidates truly based on their skills.


How skills testing sheds light on a ‘beautiful liar’



Picking a candidate based on a good CV and experience is the first step. However, selecting the right candidate by testing their (CV) skills should be a crucial part of the recruiting (or hiring) process. Skills testing gives your recruitment agency more credibility and the reassurance of a candidate’s ability to fulfil a specific job role. It helps you dodge the bullet and not fall prey to the spell of a beautiful liar. Skills testing simply takes away any bias or judgement and doesn’t ask questions about background or experience!




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