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Case study: Recruitment Ltd

We sat down with Toni O’Flaherty, Director of Recruitment Ltd, a Jersey-based Recruitment Agency specialising in the recruitment of permanent, contract, temporary and executive staff to the Financial Sector. In this case study, Toni discusses the origins of her business, and how she uses ISV.Online’s online testing and training software to identify candidates’ ability and competence to undertake specific roles.


Can you tell us how Recruitment was born?


I established Select in 2006 after recognising a gap in the local market for an agency that really works with candidates and clients alike to offer an honest, non-biased and supportive recruitment service. My background was in HR within the finance sector, and it was through this that I could see the need for an agency like Select, recognising what it would need to do in order to offer clients effective support.


Tell us more about how you work with your clients?


As a small agency we are able to tailor the service that we offer to meet each client’s specific requirements. We work closely with our clients to understand their company ethos, identity and needs so that we can ensure we are able to select the best matched candidates. We meet regularly to discuss current vacancies, recruitment patterns and requirements, and openly discuss these and the organisation’s job descriptions with our candidates. In order to ensure that we select the best candidates we have rigorous procedures in place, which include meeting each candidate in person (or in current circumstances over the telephone/via video call), and vetting all experience and qualifications.


What were important factors when you decided to invest in ISV.Online’s assessment and training platform?


As part of our candidate selection process, we recognised the need to assess candidates across the board using a standardised range of tests in a variety of areas, providing a clear and non-biased method of comparing applications.  The range of assessments offered by ISV.Online was comprehensive, easy to use and clear to understand – enabling us to pass results on to our clients and draw comparisons.



How easy is the product to use?


The system is easy to use, it has been moved to a new platform since we originally subscribed to it over 10 years ago which has been a smooth process.


Which tests are particularly useful for your clients? Do you use the “build-your-own” feature?


We generally use the core tests of literacy, numeracy and clerical aptitude.  The MS Office assessments are also very useful, as well as some of the soft skills testing. We did use the ‘build-your-own’ feature on the old platform, but it was when we first signed up for it. However, we would be interested to pick this up again.


How does using online testing benefited your firm? Does it help you avoid bad hiring decisions?


Online testing has been particularly beneficial in assessing the core skill set of junior level candidates, or those looking for a career change to a more office-based role. It is a useful add-on that we can offer clients who are comparing several applicants in relation to one role. We haven’t used it on its own as a deciding factor in whether to recruit, but along with the other methods of selection that we employ, it is helpful in adding to an overall picture of a candidate’s strengths, or in identifying areas where training would be beneficial.



How would you rate the training and support that you’ve received?


The training and support received is very good, we get regular contact and can freely make suggestions on how to improve the system as well as report any problems which more often than not are dealt with almost immediately.


How are things today and how do you see the recruitment industry post pandemic?


As with most businesses, the way we operate has totally changed, and some of this is for the better. It is still to be seen what effect this pandemic will have on the recruitment industry, some outcomes will certainly be more positive, for example more working flexibility etc, however it could actually increase movement in the market – the majority of candidates we work with are looking to change job due to how they feel, rather than for financial reasons, so not working in the office with their work colleagues, or the way in which their company manages and supports their working options could see a huge impact on their job satisfaction.  Watch this space!





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Case study: Recruitment Ltd

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